Earth & Root Sound Therapy: Holistic Pelvic Healing for Women, Men & Couples


We can connect to the wisdom of our bodies through the power of earth and spirit by summoning the use of herbal and nutritional medicine, crystals, sound frequencies, voice and ancestral knowledge.

What does this therapy heal?

The functionality of pelvic organs such as the colon, kidneys, womb and ovaries, prostate, bladder and small intestine.

Traumatic sexual experiences and/or aftermath of abuse.

Bone and/or joint disorders of the pelvis, sacrum, and lumbar vertebrae.

Any imbalance in first and second chakras

The relationship with yourself, with people, with matter and spirit from lack. New concept of abundance and delivery in your body.

Your voice, your sexuality.

This therapy can help you…

Reestablish a vital and healthy sexual energy that is connected with the Earth and the Sky.

Find and store your energy in the pelvis.

Connect your pelvis with your heart and spirit

Women will learn to connect with the strength of nature, instinct and female spirituality. We will work with the force that incorporates all the important aspects of feminitiy. It personifies the strength that supports women’ wise nature and intelligence

You can receive this amazing therapy if you have:

Premenstrual Syndrome, Period pain, Endometriosis, Human Papiloma Virus, Ovarian Cysts, Miomas, Fertility disorders, Disorders of Pelvic Floor after Pregnancy and Labor.

This therapy is also a tool to be used when working on:

Recover Female Sexuality

Restoring Original and Sacred Female Creativity

You can also restore your original connection with Earth as its Daughter and the use the Moon guide to manage your Menstrual Cycle. Their wisdom is your wisdom.

Men, when valuing the earth, forge the way for love, that next to the waters, fecunds in a wise and harmonious way. It will be a masculinity that is balanced, harmonious and in total connection with the Universe.

You can receive this amazing therapy if:

You want to deepen and improve your connection with your superior masculinity and restore the original and sacred male creativity.

This therapy will also be useful to you if you suffer from :

Lower Back pain, Impotence, Erection disturbances, Sexual Immaturity, Blood Diseases, Excess guilt and fears, Passive Aggressive behavior, Emotional instability, Food, Alcohol or Drug addiction.

In couples who personify the universal polarity between the masculine and the feminine, we also recognize that this polarity takes place within each man and each woman. As we are the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon, we have male and female hormones, which means that we have access to a wide range of masculine and feminine energies.

This therapy can help you two if you want to:

Improve communication and healthy dialogue between your body and your partner’s.

Deepen and transcend more integrated relationships with consciousness and spirit

Optimize your fertility and call forth a child from a place of consciousness and sacredness call forth a baby.

Learn how to resolve conflict creatively by connecting with the heart and spirit of the other

Release trauma and emotional pain due to abuse and sexual violence.

Recover the magic and intimacy in your partnership after the arrival of a child to the family

Connect spiritually with your partner.

Receive pleasure without blame or judgment


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